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Did The Celtics Make A Mistake By Passing On DeMarcus Cousins?

The Boston Celtics have been looking for a star the past three years, yet they passed on one big name traded away for a lackluster return this weekend.

Isaiah Thomas rips DeMarcus Cousins trade

Add Isaiah Thomas to the list of critics who are unimpressed with the package the Kings received in return for DeMarcus Cousins.Moments after the All-Star Game,

Isaiah Thomas Can’t Help But Laugh At Kings Over DeMarcus Cousins Trade

Isaiah Thomas didn't feel wanted with the Sacramento Kings, so it's no wonder the Boston Celtics point guard has no problem chuckling at his former team in the aftermath of its much-criticized DeMarcus Cousins trade.

NBA Rumors: Celtics Have Some Interest In Jahlil Okafor Ahead Of Deadline

The Boston Celtics apparently passed on DeMarcus Cousins, but they might have their eye on another big man who could be available before Thursday's NBA trade deadline.

Celtics rumors: C’s could be in on Jahlil Okafor, but here’s why that makes no sense

Another day, another NBA trade rumor involving the Boston Celtics. The latest: Jahlil Okafor.With Joel Embiid blowing up and the 76ers already cursed with more

Watch Brad Stevens’ All-Star Game Pregame Speech To Eastern Conference

One of the Boston Celtics' biggest stars doesn't actually play, rather he roams the sidelines and calls the shots. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is widely regarded as one of the NBA's best and brightest minds, and few young coaches' futures seem as bright as his.

The Reason Why DeMarcus Cousins Isn’t Coming To Boston Is Fairly Simple

Another NBA blockbuster trade has come and gone with the involvement of the Boston Celtics. The New Orleans Pelicans reportedly acquired DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings late Sunday night, a trade that sent shock waves through the NBA as the league wrapped up All-Star weekend festivitie...

Boston Celtics Miss Out on DeMarcus Cousins

The Boston Celtics missed out on an opportunity to get one of the most unique talents in the NBA, as DeMarcus Cousins was finally traded

Shall we dance: should Boston have traded for Boogie Cousins?

Brad Stevens coached his first All Star Game, Isaiah Thomas almost alley-ooped to himself, but the biggest news coming out of New Orleans last night is that the Boogie-to-Boston dream is dead.

Pelicans’ Price For DeMarcus Cousins Shows Celtics Likely Weren’t Interested At All

From a Boston perspective, the deal is surprising because the price on Cousins was ... pretty low.