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Celtics could protect Nets pick in major trade

This seems like a good compromise.

NBA Rumors: Celtics ‘Actively Seeking A Top-Tier Player’ Before Trade Deadline

The Boston Celtics have some pretty big decisions to make about the direction of their franchise, and they have multiple directions they could go in.

Celtics Can Win Now And Long Term If They Play NBA Trade Deadline Right

The Boston Celtics have the ability to accomplish both objectives by Thursday's 3 p.m. ET NBA trade deadline: compete for a championship in the short term and stay competitive well into the future.

ESPN Reporter: Executive Told Me Celtics Are Going To Get Paul George During Deadline Week

The Boston Celtics are involved in trade rumors with so many players as Thursday's NBA trade deadline approaches. Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler is the player most linked to the C's, but another franchise player being thrown into rumors is Indiana Pacers forward Paul George.

Andre Drummond to Boston? Yes Please

Andre Drummond and Isaiah Thomas shared presumptuous tweets as the trade deadline approaches. Drummond on the Celtics would make them contenders.

Did Celtics Back Off DeMarcus Cousins Because Of Isaiah Thomas’ Scouting Report?

When the DeMarcus Cousins to the Boston Celtics rumors were at their peak, some believed the center's connection to Isaiah Thomas could help move him to the East Coast. But it looks as though it was just the opposite.

NBA Rumors: Bulls Would Only Trade Jimmy Butler To Celtics Before Deadline

The Boston Celtics have the most quality assets of any NBA team to use in trade talks before Thursday's 3 p.m. ET trade deadline.

NBA Rumors: Is Paul George, Not Jimmy Butler, Celtics’ Top Trade Target?

The rumor mill has linked the Boston Celtics to Jimmy Butler in recent weeks, but they might actually have their hearts set on Paul George. Citing two NBA executives, The New York Daily News' Frank Isola reported Monday Boston general manager Danny Ainge might be willing to offer more for Geo...

Is Marcus Smart Making Avery Bradley Expendable?

Marcus Smart has proven to be a key player on this Celtics team. Is his rise making starting guard Avery Bradley expendable?

Lakers Make Shocking Move To Fire GM, Name Magic Johnson Team President Just Days Before Trade Deadline

It was well-known that some change was needed. But nobody saw this coming.