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Kelly Olynyk Will Be An Important Piece of Boston’s Playoff Run

If the Celtics wish to make a deep run in the postseason, Kelly Olynyk will need to perform as he did in Wednesday night's win over Indiana.

Boston Celtics: The Art of the Post Up

The Boston Celtics continue to grow on offense, and they re now expanding to involve a lot more passing out of the post

Al Horford has Been Worth Every Penny of his Max Contract

There have questions surrounding the amount of money that Al Horford received this summer from the Celtics. This season he has proved to....

Brad Stevens On Butler’s Problems With Al Horford, 2007 Florida Is The Best

A good coach remembers every little detail. But Brad Stevens might want to let this one go.

Brady, Bird, Orr? Who Is The Greatest Leader In Boston Sports History?

Fortune magazine raised some eyebrows Thursday with a subjective, arbitrary and annual list of the world's greatest leaders. The list included the usual suspects -- the Pope, Jeff Besos, Angela Merkel -- but the real surprise is who occupied the top spot: Chicago Cubs president of baseball op...

Ainge On Expectations In Playoffs: Celtics In ‘Great Shape To Win Playoff Series Or Two Or Three’

Danny Ainge said the success and failure of this season will be based on playoff wins, but what is a reasonable expectation for the Celtics in the playoffs?

Paul George Envies Celtics’ Chemistry, Wants Pacers To Emulate Boston’s Model

The Boston Celtics won 25 games three seasons ago, entrenching themselves in the NBA's cellar. Now, they're a team others are trying to emulate.

Danny Ainge Doesn’t Hold A Grudge Against Ray Allen For Leaving Celtics

While his former teammates are still upset at Ray Allen for leaving them and joining the Miami Heat, Danny Ainge said he's never held that decision against his former player.

Celtics-Wizards Is The Playoff Matchup We Should All Be Looking Forward To

With tempers flying and tensions filling the air, a Celtics-Wizards playoff series would be a treat for NBA fans come the second round of the postseason.

Celtics Have Best Chance Of Earning Top Seed In Eastern Conference, According To FiveThirtyEight

Monday's win over the Washington Wizards helped the Celtics attain somewhat of a reasonable lock on the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. Wednesday's win over the Indiana Pacers may have done even more.